Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Low Problems

So after spending a great day with a couple of guys from bawxcars.com at the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) today,  on my way home, I came across and very unexpected elevation change in the road, more specifically a poorly sign posted construction area. After 2 hours of waiting for a tow/ police/ rental, I was finally home. What my bills gonna add up to? We will soon see... :/  But for now here is a shot of the aftermath

Please note: This content is very graphic and may be offensive to some viewers.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Movie Short : Zandvoort Japanese Autosport Festival 2012

Hey guys how's it going so since its the middle of the week and were all waiting for the new episode of top gear to come out I found a nice little short  from the guys at Kyouto Drift and Togethia. Watch as Kyouto Drift Prepare for the largest Japanese car event in Europe. Enjoi