Tuesday, 15 November 2011

H2Oi 2011

H2Oi 2011 was probably the most anticipated car show in the North American Euro car scene. Car Enthusiasts from all over North America were spending countless hours building and tuning their cars strictly for this show. More than 1500 cars attended over the 2 day period that the show took place. H20i has cars for all types of enthusiasts from Euro to JDM, Static to bags and had to be heaven for the wheel whores out there. For more Pics go to : .Mad.Hatter's Flickr Photostream  and MJB's Flickr Photostream. Don't Forget to check out the video at the end.


    Toronto's very own Scraped Crusaders were in Ocean City repping to the fullest, and taking things to an all new low.

Steve's Dirty E30 sitting clean in it SR20DET glory
The Lesböwägen sitting low on BBS RS's


Photo cred goes to the Berenz Brother's

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