Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Is this really goodbye?

So news has been released that Swedish car maker Saab is now officially Bankrupt.  After 61 years of building some of the best and most unique everyday vehicles. For me this is sad to say in all honestly, especially since last month everything was looking good for them when sale negotiations were underway with Chinese investors.
But due to GM not allowing the Chinese investors use their designs they have now pulled out of the deal, forcing them into bankruptcy. Here's paying homage to Saab, you will be missed.

This is where it all started. 1947 the Saab 92001 or URSAAB was released.  Boasting the lowest drag co-efficient of any other car of the same era.

What a beautiful Saab 96 ready for the track

 Also Enjoi this video featuring an amazingly fast Saab 9-3 coupe

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  1. Damn eh...When I was in Cape Town, this manufacturer was FAMOUS!