Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011: The year it all began

Oh wow, 2012 already! 2011 went by quick but I must say it was amazing. As some of you know I have been associating myself with The Scraped Crusaders, a car club all about going low. Sadly I haven't been able to own a car I'd be satisfied to lower, but still, great times. So the reason for my post title is because when it comes to the  modified car scene I've been able to experience some of my first's this year.

So not only was the trip down to Eurokracy my first trip down to Quebec it was also the first modified car show I had ever been to.

But in all honesty getting crunk with the boy's the night before and then going to see car's the next morning was dope.

This was also the first year I actually used the DSLR I had bought. So if you got any complaints about picture quality, too bad. But from looking through my photography collection I must say I believe my shots are getting better. But onto the next show!!

So the after the show in Quebec a couple of us drove 700km to Niagara Falls for June Jitterbug. Where we once again got crunk and looked at cars the next day :) This was also my first time in Niagara Falls and certainly not my last.

Next up was the Option JDM BBQ, my first JDM car show. Now even though most of the guys I roll with drive European cars we all still have love and respect for a JDM car that's well put together, such as...

And onto the final show of 2011 for me Vagkraft. Before going I had heard stories that Vagkraft was one of the best VW/Audi shows in Toronto. So I had no choice but to go and see why it was considered to be the best.

 There's a bunch of shows missing from my collection due to the fact of me forgetting my camera but this year I promise to have updates of all the show's I attend and I also promise to attend more shows this year. Check out My Flickr Photostream For more pics. Hope you enjoi'd.


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